4K Blu-Ray Discs lining up in 2015 market to compete with Streaming Media

The people keen on watching videos are desperately waiting for the launch of 4K Blu-ray players that will offer high quality videos – better resolution, dynamic range and color.

The complete world is shifting to the streaming video that is delivered over the internet due to its high quality and time saving benefits. The Blu-ray player Association has almost done work with the latest version of optical disc technology that can handle high-resolution 4K imagery, And this technology will be licensed in the summer or spring of 2015.and the former 4K Blu-ray players will make its place in the market by the vacation -shopping period of the upcoming year.

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Blu-ray discs can provide the best possible picture quality by using physical media instead of relying on frail internet connections. 4k Blu-ray is not about the 4times the number of pixels prevailing 1080p video, it’s much more than that. The new specification will improve the color gamut dramatically and will offer a higher dynamic range of dramatic colors. It will be able to show 4K video at 60 frames per minute. The people with Blu-rays players can find despites with streaming and picture quality due to internet speed.

With services from Netflix, Google, Hulu, Amazon and many others, people can watch the video they want immediately rather than leaving the house. And the subscription services provide access to a library of products so people can watch as much as they want — and try new TV shows or films without holding to determine whether it’s worth the pre-show price tag.

Streaming media are getting more convenient with players from Roku, Google, and Amazon. As of the second quarter of 2014, 17 % of Internet-connected households have streaming-media players. In 2014, 72 million families i.e. Approx. 62% bought a Blu – ray player in the US. Most people are crazy about to the buy the latest upgraded technology and people move to new technology slowly, after its launching. Format changes can be a frequent pain for the customers, but with streaming media customers need not to care much about the formats.

The fresh formats are working on the existing Blu-ray discs with a capacity of 50GB, but higher capacities of Blu-ray discs are on the way. It stores data in a different manner, which is switching its way from the Advanced Video coding i.e. Compression technology to the newer High Efficiency Video Coding successor. HEVC take more time to encode the videos, but wrap them compactly.

The 4K Blu-ray drive players will be able to store data from discs at the speed of 50-60 megabits per second, and may be probably up to 100Mbps. “That’s about twice the current Blu-ray. This means it will lead to twice data-transfer rates and double compression efficiency”. The expected capacity will probably be of the 66GB and 100GB versions. The UHD content may include higher frame rates and greater color gamut, might be needing some more disc space. We require the extended Blu-ray format to be as rich as possible and be educated to manage future demand of film makers and content suppliers. The goal will be to always have one movie on one disc.”

For the each frame of 4K Blu-ray video, the association is expecting a significant image-quality improvements. Many experts are doubtful that people viewing ordinary TV will be able to distinguish the difference between today’s 1080p HD video and 4K video. The 4K format of the Blu-ray players increases the bit depth of the each pixel from 8 to 10,meaning that a greater range can be recorded for a video.

The new upcoming movies are coming with the 4K Blu-ray print as these prints are cheaper and more comfortable to play on latest Blu-Ray printers. The users who’ve watched movie on VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray formats aren’t going to buy it in Blu-ray 4K version, so no need to re format the video in latest format.

The Blu-ray Disc Association counts big studios as board members, including Fox, Warner, Disney, Warner, and Sony — which produces both Blu-ray players and runs its Sony Entertainment studio. Also, members of the association are Lions gate, Universal, and Paramount.

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