Adobe Ink and Slide: The future of digital art

The creative software company “Adobe” is the latest to try the new concept of drawing. Yesterday, Adobe officially released its digital drawing instruments known as “Ink and Slide”, a new era of drawing tools, a stylus and a ruler, that completely optimized with latest iPad apps. Together, they’re meant to make digital drawing simple and fun. But as we know, Adobe is famous for software for professionals and the same is expected from its hardware. Adobe’s built a few powerful features into Ink and Slide that could make them crucial tools for modern designers. The design companion is also Adobe’s worst kept secret. Known as Project Mighty. The company made little effort to cover how the products looked or worked.

According to Adobe officials the introduction of creative hardware will makes sketching and drawing more natural and fluid. These creative tools are designed by famous firm Ammunition, the organization behind some of “Beats” most classy headphones. These adobe tools are designed to be used with all Apple iPad versions.  Adobe Ink is a fine-tip and pressure-sensitive stylus pen built using “Adonit Pixel point” technology that’s give better creative control and unprecedented precision. The other tool, Slide is a digital ruler that lets you draw any shape on your iPad which includes straight lines, perfect circles, curves, slant curves and much more. Both of these tools are still wrapped in aluminum with white plastic accents where the tools come in contact with your tablet screen. This aluminum and plastic layout is to match with white variants of Apple iPad- including iPad Air, iPad mini and fourth-gen iPad.

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There’s a lipstick style plastic duct for the Ink stylus, that allows for both recharging and safekeeping of stylus. The twisting Ink stylus is comfortable to hold, and is easy to operate. One the one end of tube there is a micro-USB port for charging. Ink takes about an hour to fully charge up and will operate for around eight hours, which allows you to get through a full workday. When charging, that LED light becomes a colored ring that indicates the charge status on the case itself. This indicator can also be customized for a particular user so that in a work place of digital sketch artists, no one can pick someone else’s device. The ruler need not to be charged, But you’ll have to find your own way of protecting it from scratches.

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The Ink and Slide, are actually the accessories that allow the Adobe’s creative-pro customers to access Adobe’s Creative Cloud service on mobile devices. Currently, the final versions are available for the U.S market only. It is also expected that company is planning to draw smarter App’s to make $199 purchase worth full.

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