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Bentgate- Is iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are flexible?

A few days earlier, Apple launched it’s the most awaited model of the year i.e. IPhone 6 and 6 plus. Approx. 10 million users have made the advance bookings to buy this smartphone. But every time Apple launches its new iPhone there are few issues that turns out to be overblown greatly. Be it an Antennagate with iPhone 4, the purple lens flare with iPhone 5, or the fingerprint duplication with the iPhone 5s, there’s always something with it. Now it’s with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there is one new catastrophe that has already adopted its name known as Bentgate.

iphone 6 bentgate

This never ending catastrophe is leading to the outcome that the iPhone 6 is made of rigid but unreliable thin metal shell that can be deformed permanently if too much pressure or force is applied to it.

If enough power is applied to an inch deep solid steel rod, then it will stoop with the force applied to it. Same is the case with the far less than quarter thick iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This smartphone is built of aluminum metal and as aluminum being fairly a soft metal that can distort easily.

The issues that people highlighting is the #bentgate i.e. when people are pulling out their iPhone 6 or 6 plus out of the pocket, they experience a slight curve to it. The screen size of the iPhone 6 is 5.44” whereas 6 plus is 6.22”. This means there is a heap of space from where the iPhone can turn. But the bend is experienced at the place where the iPhone is quite weak.  If the iPhone is kept sideways in your pocket, it will be pushing up against your leg which contains a hard bone approx. 2” thick. If the pants are too tight around your leg or you just sit on your iPhone when it’s in your back pocket of your jean then the phone can bend easily as the phone is of thin metal, it struggles with the force leading to the failure resulting in bending of the iPhone.

iphone 6 bend

Most of the bends that we have noticed, occurred at the point, where the iPhone is weakest- that is the cutouts for the volume buttons and SIM card slot. The thicker frame around the iPhone has a cutout at the volume buttons and at the SIM card slot which reduces the rigidity of the phone at that place.

It’s quite clear that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are facing the bendable issue, but what we don’t know is that it’s the design flaw or it’s the cheap quality or it’s just the issue being blown out by the new iPhone owners. Remember, there are now 10 million owners of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, who is spending a significant portion of their busy life in admiring and fondling their shiny new slice of Apple magic. All it takes is one iPhone 6 owner report a slight unplanned curvature, and suddenly millions of other owners are looking for the same problem.

So here are few ways to deal with this:

•             Don’t keep your iPhone in the back pocket

•             Ensure that you always keep your iPhone straight in your bag or upright in your front pocket.

•             Keep the iPhone in a shirt or coat pocket, or in your purse.

Yes, we know that it will not work for everybody. And we know that you won’t be happy with investing, hundreds of dollars in exchanging an iPhone 6.

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iPods are the portable media players designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. The first iPod was launched on 23rd October, 2001. Currently, three versions of iPod are available in the marketplace:

  • The compact iPod Nano
  • The touchscreen iPod touch
  • The ultra-compact iPod shuffle

Earlier the price and compatibility issues affect the sales of the iPod until 2004, but with time Apple was successful in running this challenge. The iPod can play various audio formats including mp3, EAV, AIFF, AAC/M4A and much more and can display images of format BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and so on the 5th and 6th generation iPod classics, can play MPEG4 and QuickTime video formats too. So three versions of iPod are available in the marketplace.

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Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz),Bluetooth 4.0,Maps: Location-based service4,Nike+ support built in
Display 4-inch (diagonal) widescreen display with Multi-Touch IPS technology, Retina display, 1136-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch, 800:1 contrast ratio (typical), Fingerprint-resistant oleo phobic coating
Camera, Photos and Video 5-megapixel i-Sight camera, Autofocus, Tap to focus video or still images, Backside illumination, Hybrid IR filter, Five-element lens, LED flash, ƒ/2.4 aperture, Face detection, Panorama, HDR, HD video recording (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio, FaceTime HD camera with 1.2MP photos and HD video (720p) up to 30 frames per second, Video stabilization, Tap to control exposure for video or stills, Photo and video geotagging over Wi-Fi
Input and Output Lightning connector, 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack, Built-in speaker, Microphone
Power and Battery Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery,Music playback time: Up to 40 hours when fully chargedVideo playback time: Up to 8 hours when fully charged, Charging times: Fast charge in about 2 hours (80% capacity), full charge in about 4 hours


4K Blu-Ray Discs lining up in 2015 market to compete with Streaming Media

The people keen on watching videos are desperately waiting for the launch of 4K Blu-ray players that will offer high quality videos – better resolution, dynamic range and color.

The complete world is shifting to the streaming video that is delivered over the internet due to its high quality and time saving benefits. The Blu-ray player Association has almost done work with the latest version of optical disc technology that can handle high-resolution 4K imagery, And this technology will be licensed in the summer or spring of 2015.and the former 4K Blu-ray players will make its place in the market by the vacation -shopping period of the upcoming year.

cheap blu ray player

Blu-ray discs can provide the best possible picture quality by using physical media instead of relying on frail internet connections. 4k Blu-ray is not about the 4times the number of pixels prevailing 1080p video, it’s much more than that. The new specification will improve the color gamut dramatically and will offer a higher dynamic range of dramatic colors. It will be able to show 4K video at 60 frames per minute. The people with Blu-rays players can find despites with streaming and picture quality due to internet speed.

With services from Netflix, Google, Hulu, Amazon and many others, people can watch the video they want immediately rather than leaving the house. And the subscription services provide access to a library of products so people can watch as much as they want — and try new TV shows or films without holding to determine whether it’s worth the pre-show price tag.

Streaming media are getting more convenient with players from Roku, Google, and Amazon. As of the second quarter of 2014, 17 % of Internet-connected households have streaming-media players. In 2014, 72 million families i.e. Approx. 62% bought a Blu – ray player in the US. Most people are crazy about to the buy the latest upgraded technology and people move to new technology slowly, after its launching. Format changes can be a frequent pain for the customers, but with streaming media customers need not to care much about the formats.

The fresh formats are working on the existing Blu-ray discs with a capacity of 50GB, but higher capacities of Blu-ray discs are on the way. It stores data in a different manner, which is switching its way from the Advanced Video coding i.e. Compression technology to the newer High Efficiency Video Coding successor. HEVC take more time to encode the videos, but wrap them compactly.

The 4K Blu-ray drive players will be able to store data from discs at the speed of 50-60 megabits per second, and may be probably up to 100Mbps. “That’s about twice the current Blu-ray. This means it will lead to twice data-transfer rates and double compression efficiency”. The expected capacity will probably be of the 66GB and 100GB versions. The UHD content may include higher frame rates and greater color gamut, might be needing some more disc space. We require the extended Blu-ray format to be as rich as possible and be educated to manage future demand of film makers and content suppliers. The goal will be to always have one movie on one disc.”

For the each frame of 4K Blu-ray video, the association is expecting a significant image-quality improvements. Many experts are doubtful that people viewing ordinary TV will be able to distinguish the difference between today’s 1080p HD video and 4K video. The 4K format of the Blu-ray players increases the bit depth of the each pixel from 8 to 10,meaning that a greater range can be recorded for a video.

The new upcoming movies are coming with the 4K Blu-ray print as these prints are cheaper and more comfortable to play on latest Blu-Ray printers. The users who’ve watched movie on VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray formats aren’t going to buy it in Blu-ray 4K version, so no need to re format the video in latest format.

The Blu-ray Disc Association counts big studios as board members, including Fox, Warner, Disney, Warner, and Sony — which produces both Blu-ray players and runs its Sony Entertainment studio. Also, members of the association are Lions gate, Universal, and Paramount.

Samsung Unveils its thinnest metal made Alpha Galaxy Smartphone

Samsung has been manufacturing smartphones with the same ingredients for years due to which Samsung sale has set about to tank and it comes out like the mediocre designs plastic with weird fake-leather textures are the cause. After promising, that they would use new materials for the torso, the Samsung new smartphone is out with the metal torso. The first metal body smartphone, the Galaxy Alpha is giving neck to neck competition to its competitors Apple iPhone and HTC One.

open box cell phones

Galaxy alpha has been the slimmest mobile yet with less than 7mm thickness. Its weight is approximately the same as iPhone 5s relatively light as 114g.

Overview, specifications of Galaxy Alpha are:

• 4.7-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolving power of 720 x 1280-pixel

• Android 4.4.4 KitKat with TouchWiz

• Exynos 5430 (octa-core, 4 cores running at 1.8GHz and 4 more at 1.3GHz)


• 32GB of internal storage, no MicroSD card slot

• 0.26” (6.7mm) thick

• 4G+ LTE connectivity, Cat. 6 with 300Mbps down/50Mbps up speeds

• 12-megapixel rear camera, 2.1-megapixel front cam

• 1860mAh battery

Apart from the metal body, Alpha looks like galaxy S5 in term of designs with overall styling. Few interesting features of this android phone are: Connectivity with a 6LTE category modem delivers the 4G speed of impressive 300Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink. Another interesting feature of this smartphone is its 12mp camera that is capable of recording footage of 4K Ultra HD video at 30frames per second. It’s for the first time that 12mp sensor is utilized in the Galaxy series phone. The Galaxy Alpha also includes ‘ultra-power saving’ mode, ‘private’ mode, fingerprint scanner and connectivity with the modern Samsung Gear Fit, Gear 2 wearables and Gear Live.

The Galaxy Alpha, Coupling a slim – lightweight design and stunning metal body with the powerful hardware is the perfect style that everyone wants without compromising on the operation. Samsung has been knocked in the past for using weird plastic body frames in high end devices like Galaxy S4. With S5, Samsung tried ridged aluminium edge that didn’t go well.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha price is set at $689 off-contract, right between that of the prize of Galaxy S5 costing $827 and compact Galaxy S5 ‘mini’ priced at $555. The decided releasing date for Galaxy Alpha September 12th, but its pre-booking has already been started up and the Samsung is bundling any bonus accessories for the first to identify a pre-decree.

Sony PlayStation now beta opens to all PS4 users

Sony has only made us a number of serious intelligence about its game streaming service. Yesterday, Sony rolled out Play Station (PS) now a public beta version for PS4 users in the E3 conference. So now all the gamers in the US and Canada will be able to join the full public beta of PS. As a part of this open beta, PS4 users will see PS Now titles fully integrated in PlayStation stores, available at rental durations for streaming.This will definitely boost the video game console sales of Sony.

video game consoles sales

  • Users of the PS Now service will be capable to enjoy the games on rental periods depending on the length and duration of the game, including four hours, seven days, 30 days and 90 days. Prices will also vary based on the game title, with some available to rent for prices as low as $1.99.
  • Over 100 games will be available in the plaster, all for rent at prices between $2.99 and $19.99 depending upon the type and length of the game. It seems that minimum price at the launch is $3, but it’s sure that few of the selected titles will drop to $2 in a few weeks.
  • Associated with high speed internet connection PlayStation now users will be able to relish a number of PlayStation (PS3) games through the service, with support for trophies, friend lists and Leaderboards.
  • In addition, owners of the PS4 using the PS Now service will be able to play online to play with other PS Now users or PlayStation 3 owners can download various versions of the games available on PS Now.Sony also declared that PS Now will also be coming to certain Sony TVs, with games playable as long as the user has a Dualshock 3 controller.

video game consoles sales

Google’s Android L shows incredible improvements in battery life.

We have found that battery life is one of the crucial factor that comes in user’s mind when buying a smartphone. The major cell phone manufacture’s has been working on different techniques to improve the battery life and indeed stand up time of smartphones. Microsoft spent a great deal of time proving that Windows 8 enabled smartphones have many new features designed to save power and boost run time, but company still lags Apple by a handsome amount illustrated through some test’ . The company Google approach the same in different manner. Google’s Project Volta, which aims to boost Android battery run time, is giving incredible results. Google has smartly made improving battery life a key goal of its upcoming Android L release. All the test are taken by Arsh technica.

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Last month Google publicized that it has been working on Project Volta that will ultimate battery experience to users. Google also made an enhanced battery tracker known as “Battery Historian” .This tool that will follow the power loss via tracking application’s and will let the user’s to know which applications are consuming more power. Project Volta also has the new feature that gives developers the option to schedule their apps’ tasks to only run when a phone is charging, that will definitely save battery’s power without forcing the user to dim their displays or reduce their mobile’s performance.

Ars Technica decided to put Android L to the test and revealed these results. Mainly they found that the same phone with Android L had 36% more battery life or about two hours of extra run time as compared to other version’s of Android like 4.4 KitKat.

Android L

What makes this result particularly striking is that Ars disabled the Android L“battery saver” feature that extremely cuts down on a phone’s power consumption by lowering its screen brightness and killing off background data once the battery hits 15%. This means that Android L is going to reduce your phone’s battery consumption significantly without forcing you to put up with a subpar experience on your device.

This is just an initial review of Android L’s battery life. A 36% improvement in battery life from project Volta in Android L will positively makes a meaningful difference across other Android version’s definitely an attractive figure. The current release is a “developer preview,” and it will surely makes any changes before the time the final version of L comes out, even the things could go better. Google will definitely revolutionize power back in smartphones and will provide enhanced battery life to users.

Adobe Ink and Slide: The future of digital art

The creative software company “Adobe” is the latest to try the new concept of drawing. Yesterday, Adobe officially released its digital drawing instruments known as “Ink and Slide”, a new era of drawing tools, a stylus and a ruler, that completely optimized with latest iPad apps. Together, they’re meant to make digital drawing simple and fun. But as we know, Adobe is famous for software for professionals and the same is expected from its hardware. Adobe’s built a few powerful features into Ink and Slide that could make them crucial tools for modern designers. The design companion is also Adobe’s worst kept secret. Known as Project Mighty. The company made little effort to cover how the products looked or worked.

According to Adobe officials the introduction of creative hardware will makes sketching and drawing more natural and fluid. These creative tools are designed by famous firm Ammunition, the organization behind some of “Beats” most classy headphones. These adobe tools are designed to be used with all Apple iPad versions.  Adobe Ink is a fine-tip and pressure-sensitive stylus pen built using “Adonit Pixel point” technology that’s give better creative control and unprecedented precision. The other tool, Slide is a digital ruler that lets you draw any shape on your iPad which includes straight lines, perfect circles, curves, slant curves and much more. Both of these tools are still wrapped in aluminum with white plastic accents where the tools come in contact with your tablet screen. This aluminum and plastic layout is to match with white variants of Apple iPad- including iPad Air, iPad mini and fourth-gen iPad.

open box tablets

There’s a lipstick style plastic duct for the Ink stylus, that allows for both recharging and safekeeping of stylus. The twisting Ink stylus is comfortable to hold, and is easy to operate. One the one end of tube there is a micro-USB port for charging. Ink takes about an hour to fully charge up and will operate for around eight hours, which allows you to get through a full workday. When charging, that LED light becomes a colored ring that indicates the charge status on the case itself. This indicator can also be customized for a particular user so that in a work place of digital sketch artists, no one can pick someone else’s device. The ruler need not to be charged, But you’ll have to find your own way of protecting it from scratches.

cheap drawing tablet

The Ink and Slide, are actually the accessories that allow the Adobe’s creative-pro customers to access Adobe’s Creative Cloud service on mobile devices. Currently, the final versions are available for the U.S market only. It is also expected that company is planning to draw smarter App’s to make $199 purchase worth full.

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We all are well acquainted with the seventh generation Xbox 360 games and consoles which were introduced to the world on November 22nd, 2005. Kids, young, old, all of us love to play Xbox 360 games, which come with the HD resolutions.

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Now, Remotely charge your Mobile Phone

Scientist have succeeded in creating a gadget that can charge about 40 cell phones at the similar time, considering the fact, even if the power source is 5 meters away.

refurbished mobile phones

April 16, 2014 at the KAIST grounds, Professor Chun T. Edge and his team showcased an unbelievable variation in the separation that electric force can travel remotely. This is the great improvement which specifies that in the distance that electric power can travel wirelessly. This group is working in Nuclear and Quantum Engineering department at KAIST Daejeon, Republic of Korea.

Professor and his team developed the “Dipole Coil Resonant System (DCRS)” for an enlarged range of inductive force transferal, up to 5 meters of range between transmitter and recipient curls.

Since MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) demonstration of the Coupled Magnetic Resonance System (CMRS) in 2007, which employed a magnetic field to exchange energy for a space of 2.1 meters, the expansion of long-distance remote power exchange has pulled in much attention for further research.

Flexible and slim with a dimension of 3 m long, 10 cm in breadth, and 20 cm in height, DCRS is suggestively more compact than CMRS. The structure has a low Q factor of 100, signifying 20 times stronger against atmospheric changes, and works well at a low frequency of 100 kHz.

The group piloted several experiments and achieved guaranteeing effects: for illustration, under the operation of 20 kHz, the extreme output power was 1,403 W at a 3-meter distance, 471 W at 4-meter, and 209 W at 5-meter. For 100 W of electric energy transfer, the whole system power efficiency was 36.9 per cent at 3 meters, 18.7 per cent at 4 meters, and 9.2 per cent at 5 meters.