Buy Xbox 360 video game consoles at unmatched discounted prices

“Xbox” is a brand created by the American giant Microsoft. There is a series of Xbox video game consoles connected to the original Xbox and its successor. The Xbox 360 is the second console released on November 22, 2005.

open box xbox 360

Shoppers can pick the following products from at most discounted prices;

i.Borderlands 2 For Xbox 360:

 Borderlands 2 is a hybrid First-Person Shooter, RPG game focused on over-the-top co-op play, and set in the open-world game environment of the planet Pandora.

The second game in the game series, Borderlands 2 raises the ‘loot and shoot’ action of the original game with an even larger and more detailed world to explore, an updated gun system, a new cast of characters and character classes, and integration of storyline with action.

With up to 57% savings, Borderlands 2 comes with all New Characters and Classes, Brand-New Environments, Brand-New Enemies and World Connected Story. It can be played online with friends.

ii. Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor 3D Motion Controller W/ Kinect Adventures:

It brings games and entertainment to life in exceptional new ways. Easy to use, no controller required, fully compatible with all Xbox 360 models.

With up to 70% savings, get a whole new experience of Full-body play, Personalized play, and Off-the-couch play, by becoming the controller.

iii. Nike+ Kinect Training For Xbox 360:

This athlete inspired product assesses your strength, endurance and overall fitness to benchmark and shows your progress over time.

With as low as $27.95 price, it trains athletes of all shapes and sizes to achieve their peak fitness potential.

iv. Microsoft Xbox 360 S Skyrim & Forza 4 Holiday Bundle 250GB Glossy Black Console:

 Get more ways to play with Xbox 360. Get two free games and a one-month trial for Hulu and Epix for a limited period.

With up to 30% savings, the spacious 250GB hard drive gives the space you need to store arcade games, movies, demos, and even full Xbox 360 games. Plus, with built-in Wi-Fi, it’s easy to connect to Xbox LIVE to access tons of great entertainment — from HD movies and TV shows to live sports.

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