Google’s Android L shows incredible improvements in battery life.

We have found that battery life is one of the crucial factor that comes in user’s mind when buying a smartphone. The major cell phone manufacture’s has been working on different techniques to improve the battery life and indeed stand up time of smartphones. Microsoft spent a great deal of time proving that Windows 8 enabled smartphones have many new features designed to save power and boost run time, but company still lags Apple by a handsome amount illustrated through some test’ . The company Google approach the same in different manner. Google’s Project Volta, which aims to boost Android battery run time, is giving incredible results. Google has smartly made improving battery life a key goal of its upcoming Android L release. All the test are taken by Arsh technica.

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Last month Google publicized that it has been working on Project Volta that will ultimate battery experience to users. Google also made an enhanced battery tracker known as “Battery Historian” .This tool that will follow the power loss via tracking application’s and will let the user’s to know which applications are consuming more power. Project Volta also has the new feature that gives developers the option to schedule their apps’ tasks to only run when a phone is charging, that will definitely save battery’s power without forcing the user to dim their displays or reduce their mobile’s performance.

Ars Technica decided to put Android L to the test and revealed these results. Mainly they found that the same phone with Android L had 36% more battery life or about two hours of extra run time as compared to other version’s of Android like 4.4 KitKat.

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What makes this result particularly striking is that Ars disabled the Android L“battery saver” feature that extremely cuts down on a phone’s power consumption by lowering its screen brightness and killing off background data once the battery hits 15%. This means that Android L is going to reduce your phone’s battery consumption significantly without forcing you to put up with a subpar experience on your device.

This is just an initial review of Android L’s battery life. A 36% improvement in battery life from project Volta in Android L will positively makes a meaningful difference across other Android version’s definitely an attractive figure. The current release is a “developer preview,” and it will surely makes any changes before the time the final version of L comes out, even the things could go better. Google will definitely revolutionize power back in smartphones and will provide enhanced battery life to users.

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