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Google’s revolutionary technology for smartwatches

Well it is time to upgrade with Google’s revolutionary technology for smartwatches i.e., Android Wear Operating System. Now enjoy receiving latest posts, updates, chats, notifications, news, photography, and much more, on Google mobile OS smartwatch.

On Tuesday i.e., March the Eighteenth, 2014 Google unveiled its Android Wear OS for mobile devices. It is a wearable operating system based on Android codebase. The device comes with various features like, sending notifications, text messaging, calling, fitness & health tracking technologies, and much more. This is probably the first smartwatch to run on Android Wear OS.

With the unveiling of the exclusively made Android Wear Operating System designed specifically for smarwatches, Google has made its way to new category of devices. However, it was made possible with the help of project partners like Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC and ASUS. Google has so far released two videos of smartwatch interface, which have thrilled people more about the wearable.

Google’s smartwatch takes Android to wearables. It is a revolution in the world of technology. The device will come with multi-screen functionality, full Google integration, health & fitness monitoring and shall perform many other similar functions like other smartwatches.

Google Smart Watch

Now we can get monthly fitness summaries on our wrist. This device is really a revolutionary piece of wearable technology.

Multi-screen functionality will provide use of voice command to access Google Chromecast and play music on the phone. Get information and suggestions on the device exactly when needed. Get answers to spoken questions just by saying “Ok Google”. Also, access and control other devices through smartwatch.

Android Wear will have a touchscreen display and swipe-style scrolling. However, numbers of details about the specifications of Android Wear are yet to be released. Moto 360 and LG G smartwatches are also in the segment.

It seems people’s interest in smartwatches and wearable devices have grown. Google needs to know what features people would like to see on its Android Wear OS.