Why would google want to thwart Android-x 86 development?

Firstly we need to know about Android-x86, and what it does. It will make easier for readers to know why google seems to be thwarting Android-x 86 development.

Android-x86 is a project to port Google’s Android mobile operating system to run on x86 platform, such as devices powered by AMD and Intel x86 processors.

why google to stop x86 android development

The project is an unofficial initiative to port Android open source software, which is a stack of a wide range of mobile devices and a corresponding open-source project led by Google.

Since Android-x86 cannot use Android Market, which only vendors licensed by Google can use, this is the most challenging hurdle to port the Android code to work on x86 PCs, ultra-mobile PCs such as ASUS Eee PC, non-smartphone, tablet devices, and netbooks. Also, installing new applications in the above-mentioned devices looks more difficult due to the lack of vendor support.

Since there has been no Board Support Package help for system development, Chih-Wei Huang, the project maintainer noted “We need to develop everything ourselves, including the drivers and HALs”.

Although, Android-x86 version 4.4-RC1 (KitKat-x86) has been released on February the Fourteenth, 2014 by the Android-x86 Project, but to bring the viability of an alternative desktop is still under progress, though it is several steps closer.

It is coming in hearing that Google has been spreading FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt) to discourage computer manufacturers from using an Android Operating System retooled to run on legacy computers. However, how much this point is true there is no firm evidence for this. While the maintainer of the project Android-x 86 has requested the Justice Department to investigate Google’s intervention (if any) with the adoption of the open source code that his community is developing.

Open source software development world is hardly free from rivalries and power plays. So it is possible that the release of the latest version of an open source Android OS i.e., created to run as an alternative Linux distro, may stop without the support of Google, which is the creator of Android.

Chih-Wei Huang says “In my opinion, Google is becoming evil to use its monopolization in Android marketing. The U.S. Department of Justice should examine if Google violates the Antitrust law”.

Huang further adds, despite non-cooperation from Google and its Android partner vendors, some small vendors have shown interest in Android-x86.

Whether Google is trying to thwart Android-X 86 development has not proved yet, and a matter of investigation.

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