Going Green

Going Green

One environmentally responsible shipping decision that we made is to choose environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional packing materials.
When packing items for shipping, we us biodegradable packing peanuts made from cornstarch that dissolve in water, as well as recycled packing peanuts made from the remains of other loose fill. As an alternative to the traditional plastic bubble wrap, Bio-Bubble wrap is a 100% biodegradable bubble wrap option that breaks down naturally when exposed to environmental factors. When selecting shipping boxes, we choose 100% recycled boxes produced from post-consumer waste.

Source Reduction and Reuse Benefits:

  • Saves natural resources. Waste is not just created when consumers throw items away. Throughout the life cycle of a product-from extraction of raw materials to transportation to processing and manufacturing facilities to manufacture and use-waste is generated. Reusing items or making them with less material decreases waste dramatically. Ultimately, less materials will need to be recycled or sent to landfills or waste combustion facilities.
  • Reduces toxicity of waste. Selecting nonhazardous or less hazardous items is another important component of source reduction. Using less hazardous alternatives for certain items (e.g., cleaning products and pesticides), sharing products that contain hazardous chemicals instead of throwing out leftovers, reading label directions carefully, and using the smallest amount necessary are ways to reduce waste toxicity.
  • Reduces costs. The benefits of preventing waste go beyond reducing reliance on other forms of waste disposal. Preventing waste also can mean economic savings for communities, businesses, schools, and individual consumers.
  • Communities. More than 6,000 communities have instituted "pay-as-you-throw" programs where citizens pay for each can or bag of trash they set out for disposal rather than through the tax base or a flat fee. When these households reduce waste at the source, they dispose of less trash and pay lower trash bills.
  • Businesses. Industry also has an economic incentive to practice source reduction. When businesses manufacture their products with less packaging, they are buying less raw material. A decrease in manufacturing costs can mean a larger profit margin, with savings that can be passed on to the consumer.
  • Consumers. Consumers also can share in the economic benefits of source reduction. Buying products in bulk, with less packaging, or that are reusable (not single-use) frequently means a cost savings. What is good for the environment can be good for the pocketbook as well.
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Going Green

Going Green

We at New Open Box have taken steps to ensure a cleaner and healthier planet.