Extend your Manufacture Warranty

Extend your Warranty

In today’s day and age of high tech gadgets and emerging technologies one thing is certain; people are relying more and more on consumer electronics and home appliances in our daily lives than ever before. Of course, we all expect the products we buy to perform well and serve us throughout the years, but in reality consumer electronics malfunction all the time. We often buy consumer electronics or appliance products based solely on the name brand. This is because we either feel comfortable with the quality the manufacturer produces or we take comfort in knowing that in the event of a malfunction the manufacturer will stand by their product and make the necessary repairs. Most manufacturers’ written warranties offer fantastic parts and labor protection. However, the duration of this coverage under the written warranty is often far too short (e.g. 90 days parts or 1 year parts and labor). Manufacturers strategically limit their liabilities in order to cut down their final cost price and make their products more attractive to the marketplace. Let's face the facts. If you are like most of us, you are not expecting to buy a new television, refrigerator or any other major appliance every single year. You want to buy the new product and use it for as many years as it will last. There is only one way for a consumer to be certain that the product you are purchasing will be functioning to factory specifications in say 4 or 5 years from now.

CPS™ Extended Service Plans offer you the identical high quality protection as the manufacturer’s written warranty did. Our plans extend your coverage for up to 5 (five) full years after the manufacturer’s written warranty expires. At CPS™ we are not going to scare you by telling you that your product is destined to fail the day after the manufacturer warranty expires. However, we would certainly like to make it clear that part of the reason why manufacturers limit their parts and labor liability is because independent studies have often suggested that malfunction probability increases as your usage increases. So something you bought today has a greater chance of malfunctioning in 3 years from now than it does in say 2 weeks from now.

CPS™ is America’s premier source of service plans specifically designed for consumer electronics and appliances. Experience, honesty and integrity all consistently contribute to our company’s image among major dealers and our industry as a whole. While no one wants to have an unexpected malfunction claim the life of their product, there are those consumers who proactively protect against it and there are those who leave things to chance. All we can say is that protecting your investment today can save you an incredible amount of time and money that may be necessary to restore your product's functionality to factory specifications later on. Please allow our experience to work for you from the day you own your product. Purchase CPS™ Service Plan because CPS™ Service Plans offer you protection you can not afford to be without.

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Consumer Priority Service is one of America’s premier sources of underwritten aftermarket service plans primarily focused on consumer electronics and appliances. Our 100% comprehensive protection plans are broken down into 4 basic categories.

Extended Service Plans
This is the most common service plan option. Features include 100% parts and labor coverage, access to thousands of service centers nationwide, Zero deductible with a No Lemon Guarantee. This feature packed plan offers consumers a fantastic value at only a fraction on what the product it covers costs. With durations as long as five years after the manufacturer warranty expires, consumers can rest assured knowing that their product is guaranteed to function as intended for years to come. As always, if we can’t fix an item, we will replace it.
In-Home Extended Service Plans
This upgraded level of service provides consumers with parts and labor service directly in their home or office. Generally these plans are best suited for products which may be too large or inconvenient to move to a service center. These hassle free plans offer all of the services of our extended service plans plus in-home service calls.
Date of Purchase Replacement Plans
CPS Replacement plans cover anything that plugs in or takes a battery. This plan provides it’s holder with a direct replacement of their covered product. As opposed to our service plans, these plans begin on the date of purchase and extend either 1 or 2 years depending on the duration purchased. Why repair it when you can replace it?
OEM Parts and Labor Plans
These plans are designed for manufacturers and/or distributors marketing products that require a Date of Purchase written USA warranty. Consumer Priority Service provides a 1 Year Parts/90 Day labor contract which can be placed within the box of the product being sold.
Certain products and services described on this web site are not available to all users due to insurance regulatory restrictions, the availability varies by global jurisdiction.
Consumer Priority Service

Extend your manufacturer Warranty for up to 5 years

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